In Kiev from-for quarantine have nothing to feed snakes photos

В Запорожье из-за карантина нечем кормить змей - фото

Because of the quarantine nothing to feed the snakes exhibit “Snake farm”

In Zaporozhye “Snake farm” that worked in the Palace of culture “DSS”, brought the couple Byczkowska – Svetlana and Dmitry.

Now the exhibition is quarantined, her work is scheduled to resume after it.

Earlier, the organizers of this exhibition came to Zaporozhye with other projects – “Crocodile farm”, exhibition of plants, predators and butterfly show.

A month ago, the family suffered a great sorrow – March 11, died Dmitry Bychkovsky. He died of a cardiac arrest in the Melitopol city hospital. In this city there was an exhibition of “Crocodile farm”.

Now in quarantine also, as told to Svetlana bychkovskaya “Industriale”, exhibition of plants, predators in the river and another “Snake farm” in Mariupol.

– It is very difficult in such a situation, we were left alone with his son and a large number of animals, – says Svetlana bychkovskaya. – Exhibition closed to visitors, so source of income we have. My duty is to save the animals save their habitat at the proper level, so that no one was hurt.

I want to appeal to all not indifferent people who can help me. We need funds to buy feed, to pay for electricity to maintain the required temperature in terrariums, to pay for housing staff who take care of animals.

You can help and food. According to Svetlana Bychkovskaya, fed need rats, mice, Chicks, heart, fish, zophobas, cricket, fruits, vegetables, grain.

You can transfer funds to a PrivatBank card 4149 2277 6293 9760 in the name Bychkovskaya Svetlana Alexandrovna.

Phone Svetlana Bychkovskaya 068-777-61-37.

Photo provided Svetlana bychkovskaya

В Запорожье из-за карантина нечем кормить змей - фото

В Запорожье из-за карантина нечем кормить змей - фото

В Запорожье из-за карантина нечем кормить змей - фото