In Kiev in the pond found the dismembered body of a woman: what do we know

В Киеве в водоеме обнаружили расчлененное тело женщины: что об этом известно

In Kiev Rusanovka in the local loop, law enforcement officers found the body of a man. Now they surrounded the pond, and there are ongoing investigations.

Resource information “, Kiev operative” in the rusanivsky canal was found dismembered corpse of an unknown woman.

While the police no information provides, it establishes all the details. The users in the network write that in the last days on Rusanivka was looking for a woman.

Recent police reports, in the Dnipro district of the capital sought only a 14-year-old Camille Tkachenko. The girl left home on August 13 and has not returned. The incident investigators have opened criminal proceedings under article “premeditated murder” with an additional qualification has been missing.

Signs of Kamila’s growth – 165-170 cm, medium build, brown hair with highlights.

However, the network is now looking for Irina Lipkovo. According to the report, the last time the woman saw 13 Aug at 23:20 in the street Enthusiasts, 27. This street is promenade Rusanovskoye channel.

According to neighbor Irene Kipkemoi, who introduced Sergei, she lived on the street Entuziastov, 25.

Irina disappeared, and today her friends went for a walk and to see if there is somewhere some traces. She was last seen on the street of Enthusiasts, a 37 – she walked there. And they saw a bag, and told them about it the woman walking with the child. So got it ripped, and there is something strange. Scored me, and with me were three soldier of the national guard, and we arrived at the scene. I looked and say that it definitely is not the meat of the animal. And then we found a few packages that floated, he said.

The man adds that the description of the human body, since the person has the fat is yellow, and the pig, for example, white. Also he and his friends saw a hand where you got the rings, very similar to those worn by Irina.

The attacker has been detained. He lives near here. We know he is our friend, his name is Alexei. All the information about it we told the police. Now he is being questioned, and he appears to have admitted

– says the man.

Sergey adds that the alleged killer and Irina had known about 15 years, but what was the motive for the crime, nobody knows. Between them there were no conflicts.

As for the attacker, then he is a vet and knows how to make the cuts. Neighbors say that the name of the alleged murderer of Irina Kozlenko, and he, when they drink certain dose of alcohol, once it becomes aggressive.

In addition, Sergei reported that the child Irina had to be birthday, and a holiday is very prepared.

24 channel following this incident. When you see any of the details, we will publish them.

В Киеве в водоеме обнаружили расчлененное тело женщины: что об этом известно