In Kiev inadequate head hit the employee store with his fists and attacked the cashier

В Киеве неадекват ударил головой сотрудницу магазина и с кулаками набросился на кассира

In Kiev on the left Bank in the store Roshen was a shocking incident, an unidentified man’s head hit the employee store, and then with his fists attacked the cashier. Earlier in the supermarket a group of youths brutally beat the guard.

Video in Facebook from the shop on the left Bank has published Marika Gurin. The woman says that the store is no security, and to cope with a large, aggressive buyer, it could not.

But captured video has helped affected employees Roshen.

The network protested the fact that the store salespeople work without protection. In such a case, no-one to help, because the police will come after some time.