In Kiev noticed a unique “Bentley”, 1930, photo

В Киеве заметили уникальный «Бентли» 1930 года, фото

In Kiev noticed a unique car, namely the Bentley Speed 6 Coupe Sportsman 1930. Pictures of legendary cars posted in Instagram.

Writes topgir, captured rarity is a replica because the original coupe Bentley is unique. However, the quality of the execution is underwhelming.

Note that the car has a very interesting history. One of the shareholders of Bentley, wolf Barnato, decided to bet that will surpass the 180-horsepower Bentley Speed 6 Express Blue Train. It was one of the fastest trains in the world, and he shuttled between Cannes and London.

As a result, the businessman won, even the fog and damaged the bus did not stop him. After the victory in the race Barnato ordered unique Bentley Speed 6 Coupe Sportsman.

Kiev is also noticed luxury “EuroBLECH”.