In Kiev on the competition of defense technology showed the most advanced in Ukraine

В Киеве на конкурсе проектов оборонных технологий показали все самое передовое в Украине

132 projects developed by scientists, inventors and students of technical universities all over Ukraine took part in the first competition of the defense proekty. Reached the final 43 development. Among them – the robots-sappers, newest quadcopters, satellites and many other useful in the defense industry developments.

In Ukraine started the first contest of defense technology, held in National technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky”. This platform has brought together scientists, developers and inventors with the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, potential investors and the Ukrainian army.

For the competition, their efforts combined the “Ukroboronprom”, the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the Central research Institute of weapons and military equipment, “the League of defense enterprises of Ukraine,” State innovation Finance-credit institution “KPI them. Igor Sikorsky’s” Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika “and holding Innovation” Sikorsky Challenge “.

All were submitted 132 project, which was developed by scientists across the country. In the finals, and left 43 development, which cover all areas of defence, ranging from medical laser equipment and systems for secure communications, the project of creating a constellation of space satellites and the use of nanocomposite materials.

“We strive to advanced scientific achievements and technologies faster did in real production and strengthened the defence of our country. And the latest development of the enterprises of” Ukroboronprom “is the real proof of the productive symbiosis of the Ukrainian science and the defense industry. Now in this room is the representatives of the defense enterprises and special exporters of the Group that have already shown practical interest in the implementation of development in actual production in the first place, given priority ove the tasks performed by the Group, we are talking about technology reducing the cost of manufacture of artillery shells and productivity of production”, – said during the event, General Director of” Ukroboronprom “Paul Bukin.

Also in the finals of the contest there were presented developments in the field of implementation of nanocomposites in military technology with the purpose of increasing the strength of traditional materials, the detection system of the UAV of powerful laser radiation, technology of highly efficient production of powder varnish of the type of small arms, creation of laser devices tactical medicine and other projects.

To determine which development will start series production will be specialists of the state enterprise “Ukroboronprom”. They say that the benefits will be the most innovative.

“Using robotic equipment, technicians with remote control allows to reduce the loss of personnel of the Armed forces,” – said General Director of state concern Paul Bukin.

While this technique only samples. Unfortunately, the “Ukroboronprom”, even approximately I can not give a timeframe for when these developments will be able to get into production.