In Kiev, panic! To Zelensky immediately flies envoy trump

В Киеве паника! К Зеленскому срочно летит посланник Трампа

Poroshenko can Shine up to 350 years in prison in the United States

In Kiev a real panic! The President of the United States Donald trump took Poroshenko and it is a matter of life for US President.
Envoy of the President of the United States is urgently flying to Kiev. He wants to convince the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to initiate an investigation against Poroshenko and members of his government.
We are talking about the intervention of the army in elections and the participation of the President of Ukraine in the transnational criminal group.
As previously reported, Poroshenko actively helped Hillary Clinton publicly stated to the whole world that trump an agent of the Kremlin.
Poroshenko’s government has actively used the mark “Kremlin Agent” as against its own citizens and against international partners. Now for the stigma they will pay in full.
If the President Zelensky will give the nod for the investigation against Poroshenko and members of his government, Poroshenko can Shine up to 350 years in prison in the US for interfering in elections in this country, which is a serious crime.
The lawyer of the President of the United States, former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani plans to visit Kiev to convince the Vladimir Zelensky and his team to conduct an investigation against Poroshenko, the results of which could be extremely useful Donald Trump.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Giuliani “in the coming days” is going to Kiev for a meeting with the new President of Ukraine.
He wants to persuade Zelensky to conduct an investigation, which may shed light on information on the two issues “of great interest to trump”.
The first concerns the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller regarding the so-called “Russian intervention” in the presidential elections in the United States.
The second question is about the relationship of the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden with a gas company, owned by Ukrainian oligarch Zlochevsky. As you know, Zlochevsky business partner Poroshenko and Poroshenko personally lobbied Biden in Ukraine.
The main objectives of the investigation, the WSJ calls the desire of trump’s allies to discredit the investigation by Mueller, and also to damage the reputation of Biden, who is considered one of the favorites of the race from the Democratic party.
Giuliani in April, the TV channel CNN claimed that Kiev “is conducting an investigation against Clinton campaigns for relations with Ukraine,” but “neither the American newspaper writes about it.” Now trump is hoping for public lighting ties Clinton with Ukrainian President Poroshenko, who illegally leaked information to Clinton, which is a direct interference in the elections of 2016.
Petro Poroshenko is the main suspect and the main defendant in the case. Now the whole state machine of the USA, all US intelligence agencies will be directed against the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
It is likely that 2016, some Ukrainian politicians headed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was interested in the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and the members of her campaign staff maintained contacts with Poroshenko, who leaked classified information against trump.
With regard to the relationship of the son of Biden with the Ukrainian oligarch Zlochevsky, in 2016, it was reported that “daughter” of the Cyprus company Burisma has acquired gas assets in the Donbass, the canadian Serinus Energy. 30 million dollars was bought 70% stake in the company “KUB-gas holdings”, owned six licenses to develop shale gas deposits in the Lugansk region.
Burisma is registered in Cyprus, owned by Ukrainian businessman Mykola Zlochevsky.
The son of the Vice-President of the USA hunter Biden has joined the Board of Directors of the company.
The company is suspected of large-scale fraud, which could cause devastating damage to both Ukraine and the EU economy and the United States.
The article reports that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko personally met Joe Biden personally promised support in all matters. We are talking about transnational criminal group, which probably included the Petro Poroshenko.
If the President Zelensky gives go-ahead for the investigation, Petro Poroshenko, faces a prison sentence in the US, in the flesh to 350 years.
As you know, the United States is cooperating with all countries of the world. Even if President Poroshenko tries to hide from U.S. justice, it will inevitably be found and brought to the United States.
Earlier, the United States judged the coach of Petro Poroshenko Pavlo Lazarenko.