In Kiev released a dangerous robber

В Киеве освободили опасного грабителя

The robbery took place near Kiev metro station “Heroes of Dnepr” on March 18, 2018, the man attacked the woman and beat her over the head with a hammer, then immediately the malefactor was detained by militiamen.

As it became known, the attacker Akhmedov name is Shamsi Buturovic and yesterday he was released “on personal recognizance” from the audience Obolon district court.

In favor of the injured women, the attacker needs to pay 20 thousand UAH. And the state (for examination) to eight thousand hryvnia.

“The public Prosecutor asked to appoint the maximum punishment provided by sanctions of articles, namely: 10 years of imprisonment. The court moved on to article 122 of the criminal code (intentional moderate bodily injury), was acquitted of the robbery, was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months and was released from custody after serving the sentence”, – said the maximes.

Law enforcement officers