In Kiev, the authorities told about the cost of services on maintenance of houses and explained what will happen to the rate

В Киеве власти рассказали о стоимости услуг по содержанию домов и объяснили, что будет с тарифом

In Kiev people are concerned about the alleged inflated prices for the maintenance of houses and adjoining areas. In the KSCA during a press briefing on 28 February, the authorities explained how the market for these services and why they are in this situation will not perform any action.

In Ukraine from June 10, 2018, the term “tariffs” for the maintenance of buildings has ceased to exist. New “About zhilishchno-utilities” services” radically changed the situation with the tariff. If earlier tariffs existed and the local authorities had to approve them, today there is a “contract price”. The community of each house determines for itself the management company, the number of services and price. According to experts, most homes operates a price fixed in the contracts that exist between the owners of apartments and companies of communal administration.

“We focus exclusively on legal and economic aspects of the issue. If you take the legal aspect, it is the decision of the court canceled a decree “On approval of tariffs for maintenance of houses”. The city administration in no way will take additional measures, because the court had already decided in 2017. You can pay attention to the fact that the Supreme court accepted our appeal in cassation and this situation will be the future development”, comments Petr Panteleyev, Deputy Chairman of the KSCA.

He also denied information about the recalculation of the prices for the services. Pyotr Panteleyev said that the decision of the court it was not about any obligation of carrying out recalculation, but it takes practice everyday. Monthly control of the company, make allocations, or for outstanding service, or for substandard services. Over the past year, the management companies of a city form of governance was returned to the people 44 million.

Today in Kiev there is a tendency, when the house refuse the services of commercial companies and the utility companies. Private companies have become unprofitable at home, and they just leave. After several weeks without appropriate services, the community decides who continue to provide the right to keep the house and the local area. Typically, utility companies choose because of the constant stability.

“Economics, calculation of cost of services and its components corresponds to today’s prices. The price includes cleaning of house adjoining territories, salaries to employees, maintenance, Elevator, pest control, maintenance of intra-house electrical grids, electricity in common areas and much more. Often the actual costs differ from planned costs upwards. The last time we raised the salary of the janitors, after all, risk all to stay without employees. Therefore, today the prices are objective and respond to all services that get people in houses”, – says Irina Boyko, Director of the municipal enterprise “Management company on maintenance of the housing stock of the Desnyansky district”.

Despite this, residents remain dissatisfied. So, under the walls of the KSCA during the press briefing was attended by about a hundred protesters who demanded local authorities to intervene and reduce the prices of services.

Antonina Kartasheva.

В Киеве власти рассказали о стоимости услуг по содержанию домов и объяснили, что будет с тарифом