In Kiev, the charity concert will raise funds for the restoration of the house Leontovich

В Киеве на благотворительном концерте соберут средства на восстановление дома Леонтовича

In Freedom Hall on January 23 to host the concert, organized with the aim of preserving the home of the Ukrainian composer, author of the world famous song “shchedryk” by Mykola Leontovych.

About this UKRINFORM reported in the Fund for humanitarian development of Ukraine, which organizes the charity event.

“We can’t observe from a distance, as decades ignored the problem of childhood by Mykola Leontovych, reported today to the state of emergency. We must save this unique historical landmark for the future”, – said the organizer of the event Natalia Zabolotnaya.

The concert will take part Natalia Mogilevskaya Tawapa, Tonya Matvienko, Jerry Heil, Viktoria Vasalati, Anna Butkevich, David Axelrod, Gaitan.

The charity initiative will also support the world famous choir “shchedryk” and one of the world’s finest violin virtuosos of Ilya Bondarenko.

Guests of the gala reception and charity concert will be MPs, politicians, public leaders, foreign ambassadors, representatives of Ukrainian and international business, culture and art, representatives of the media and all concerned.

During the event there will be a charity auction. Your items are already provided a well-known Ukrainian artists, collectors and designers. Among them – the dress by Julia Magdic, works of Oleg Tistol, Daria Momot, Mykola Matsenko, Marco Geiko, Vladimir Yakovets, Michael Demco, said Ahmadi, Alexander Roitburd, Olga Randak, Yuri Solomko, Volodymyr SAI and others. Stated lot-Joker, which organizers keep a secret.

The collected funds will be used to restore the abandoned family home of the composer Leontovich in the village of Shershni in Vinnytsia region.

The Fund for humanitarian development of Ukraine invites not indifferent Ukrainians to join the charity initiative and to attend the concert. Charity tickets can be purchased at Freedom Hall and at the offices of the city.

As you know, in February of 2018, the Fund for humanitarian development of Ukraine announced an architectural contest house renovation and the creation of Hornets at Vinnytsia complex by Mykola Leontovych, which will bring together several cultural and educational facilities.

The author of the project Alexey Semilog-Orlik suggested to keep the house Leontovich in the most authentic form through the use of light materials and glass that will help protect the building from external environment.

Now in plans of the philanthropists and local communities – renovation and museification home. In addition to the Museum, it is planned to create on its basis the children’s music school of Mykola Leontovych, the outdoor theater and the residence of St. Nicholas.

В Киеве на благотворительном концерте соберут средства на восстановление дома Леонтовича