In Kiev the driver parked in the post

В Киеве водитель припарковался в столб

In the area Troyeshchyna the driver of the SUV right in the Parking lot drove into the pole.

“Just an empty lot Metro (str) the driver of a Mercedes drove into the pole”, – stated in the message.

Network users are not without sarcasm commented on the incident.

“Sinica defeated!”, “I’ve seen it… Bad weather, lighting, post thin. and you”, “Just 2.6 ppm. Well, that didn’t kill anyone”, “No, well, these pillars unbelted, are anywhere. Prevent people from driving how I want to”, “Depending on who was driving, if the child of an official, the post he ran, as if the teacher from high school, where did he get the Mercedes?”, “It’s good that in the post,” the commentators write.