In Kiev the drunk driver read the police REP during the arrest: video

В Киеве пьяный водитель зачитал полицейским рэп при задержании: видео

Patrol police officers arrested a drunk driver, which is high speed driving on the Kiev courts. About it reported in a press-service of the Patrol police of Kiev.

“Yesterday, about 22 hours, patrolling the street of Academician Kablukov, the inspectors heard the sound of brakes and the car VAZ, which at great speed left from-for turn of flats. The car ran about 10 people who tried to prevent the driver to leave the yard,” said the police.

It is known that the patrol car blocked his exit from the yard and stopped the driver. The man had obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication and immediately reported to the patrol that he had consumed alcohol and ready for it to be punished.

It later turned out that the man drank about a pint of alcohol, pre-vodka. And decided to spend the night in the car of his friend. Friends of the perpetrator tried to dissuade from this idea, but he did not listen to them. After receiving the keys from the vehicle, he immediately got him and tried to back away, but stumbled upon the crew of the patrol.

“When making administrative materials, driver read for patrol REP, repented and even recorded a video message to other drivers not to get behind the wheel intoxicated, because the patrol always appear in the right place at the right time”, – said in the Metropolitan police patrol.