In Kiev, the patrol broke down the door to rescue the woman with a stroke

В Киеве патрульные выбили двери в квартиру, чтобы спасти женщину с инсультом

28 April in Kiev patrol knocked the door to the apartment because of the suspicion that the mistress of housing was bad. This was reported by the press service of the patrol police in Facebook.

The number “102” called 63-year-old woman who reported that her friend is in the apartment and for a long time did not return calls, despite a preliminary agreement about the meeting. She suggested that her friend became ill.

“The door nobody opened. They were locked from the inside. Because there was a threat to the life and health of a person, had to act immediately so together with a partner we started to beat them. It was hard, but after a few minutes, the doors failed to open. We took on more responsibility, because it’s someone else’s housing,” – said Vladislav patrol Baruch.

When the police broke into the apartment, they saw lying on the couch practically motionless the woman who barely spoke and couldn’t move. The inspectors called for an ambulance. Doctors hospitalized a woman with a diagnosis of stroke. The patrol posted a video from lapel camera enforcement, as the police knocked the door foot apartment.