In Kiev until the fall will not pay the debt on the DePuy Fund, executed works and services

В Запорожье до осени не оплатят долги по депутатскому фонду, выполненным работам и услугам

As it turned out, at session deputies have complained that they Deputy Fund has allocated money for purchase of furniture for various activities in schools, but educational institutions the money is not received due to problems of payments with the Treasury.

This became known at session of the city Council, reports 061.

Deputy mayor for budget and Finance Valentine Kid has confirmed that, in connection with the economic situation on the background of the coronavirus do have a lot of unpaid projects for the General Fund and the development budget. By loan money now spend payment for big projects and all the rest will pay off not earlier than September-October 2020.

“We all probably know that all the budgets not only of Zaporozhye shortage of assets in connection with quarantine events, the provision of incentives and reduced income tax from natural persons. In the Treasury we have unpaid services rendered and work performed for the General Fund, budget development, including at the parliamentary Fund. This is due to the fact that the loans that we took, the banks took mostly large objects which are. We are trying to stabilise the situation, but given the fact that in the first place, we now pay a salary to avoid social tensions. All other arrangements remain unpaid at the Treasury. I think we understand that we have to reduce not only the development budget, and expenditures for the General Fund. Funding will be held in September-October,” commented Valentine Baby.