In Kiev will celebrate the Baptism of Rus

В Киеве отметят Крещение Руси

The capital will host events dedicated to the 1031-th anniversary of the baptism of Rus. The subject shares will take place on 27 and 28 July. Various religious organizations, positioning themselves as Orthodox Christians, hold religious processions.

The territory of the Ukrainian state are few hristianskih religious organizations. The largest religious organizations that identify themselves with Orthodoxy, are: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Church of the Kiev Pravoslavnaia of partiarchate and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In addition, one of the organizations of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church combines elements of Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Other versions of Christianity represent the Catholic Church and the various directions of Protestantism (Lutheranism, Baptists), Adventism, and other).

The picture Claudia Lebedev “Baptism of Kiev”

The baptism of Rus ‘ – the term which in modern historical science implied the introduction in the lands of the ancient kingdoms of Christianity as the state religion. The official date of the adoption of Christianity in 988 is considered. Baptizer of Rus is called the Prince of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavich, ranked subsequently canonized and is known in the history of science as well as St. Vladimir. Was founded by the Kyiv Metropolitanate of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. A number of researchers put forward a hypothesis, according to which the baptism took place in 990 or 991, respectively. In General, the process of the spread of Christianity in the ancient lands 200-300 years and continued during the XI-XII centuries.

В Киеве отметят Крещение Руси