In Kievstare told how much the prices for consumer goods in the capital

В Киевстате рассказали, как изменились цены на потребительские товары в столице

Prices on consumer market of the capital in January-November 2019 increased by 4.6%. This information is provided by the Department of statistics in Kyiv, reports

“The dynamics of the consumer market of the capital in January-November 2019 was determined by an increase in the price for 4,6%,” – said in the message.

It is reported that the increase in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages was recorded for almost all commodity groups. The most expensive fruits – 19.3%, oil – by 10.6%, milk – 9.5%, bread – by 8.0%, macaroni products – by 7.7%, sugar – by 6.8%, cheese and soft cheese (cottage cheese) – 5.5%, meat and meat products – by 4.3%, fish and fish products – by 3.3%, sunflower oil – by 0.4 %. However, lower price of eggs – by 13,4% and vegetables – by 4.2%.

In addition, it is reported that the price of tobacco products rose by 21.4%, and on alcoholic beverages by 5.0%.

Cheaper became the cost of clothing – by 9.1%, and footwear by 7.9%.

“However, there was an increase in prices for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 10.7%, which was due to the increase of tariffs for hot water, heating 22.0%, water supply – by 14.4%, sewer – 7.5% “, – stated in the message.

It is reported that the prices of household items, household appliances and current maintenance of housing fell by 0.4%.

The increased price of services for the health – 5.7%. This is due to the rise in price of hospital services by 16.8%, outpatient services – 10.8%, pharmaceutical products, medical goods and equipment – 3.9%.

Due to the reduction in the cost of fuel and oil by 6.5%, prices for transport decreased by 0.7%.

“The monitoring of changes of prices (tariffs) for services, recreation and culture as a whole showed an increase of 0,5% due to the rising cost of services recreation and culture 13.1%,” reads the message.

Another 8.2% increase in the cost of services of restaurants and hotels.

However, education services rose in price by 9.7% due to the increase in the cost of secondary education by 14.9%, primary and primary – 14.7%, higher by 8.7%, education not determined by levels of 8.2%.

Recall that in the state statistics service reported as changed prices for consumer goods in December.