In Kolomyia city hall will create a viewing area and Museum space

На коломыйской ратуше создадут смотровую площадку и музейное пространство

In Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk region at the local town hall is planning to equip an observation deck and Museum space.

About it the correspondent of UKRINFORM reported head of the Department of investment policy and conservation Kolomyia city Council Iryna zholob.

“We plan at our town hall to make a viewing platform for tourists and guests of our city with the reconstruction of the Museum space. Strive to it was a modern tourist attraction in the city. Guests can climb the town hall and see the magnificent panorama of the city. In addition, there will be able to hold exhibitions and other cultural and creative activities. For this we plan to build an attic room in the attic of the town hall. This year we held a contest for the best design proposal of this platform and has already received its visualization”, – said trough.

She noted that the restoration of the town hall, and this is the ladder and the mine buildings, it is necessary to conduct complex repairs and preserve elements of ancient architecture.

The cost of the project is 1 million 450 thousand UAH. In its implementation of Kolomyia city Council already concentrated in its budget for 2020 200 thousand UAH. At the same time, Coloma plans to submit this project for the competition, which is held in the framework of transboundary cooperation Poland-Belarus-Ukraine to receive the financial instrument for the project.

Kolomyia town hall built in 1877 as the town magistrate. Earlier, in another place, stood the old town hall, burnt down in 1865. The three-storey building, in plan, U-shaped, built in neo-Renaissance style. Town hall tower corner (similar yavarouskaya the town hall), which is quite unusual for this type of structures. The tower was built in 1948, is square in plan with simple decor. The tower is placed the coat of arms of the town above it – chiming clock with three dials with a diameter of about 1 m. Still higher, at the level of the sixth floor, a balcony to bypass around the tower. Earlier, he inspected the city for early warning in case of fire.

Now in the town hall is located the Executive Committee of the city Council.