In Kryvyi Rih out of the swamp trying to get a car

В Кривом Роге из болота пытаются достать машину

In Krivoy Rog on may 31 a car trying to get out of the pond. According to preliminary information, revision, auto enrolled in the hijacking.

In the area rocks MOPR car is partially in the water.

Specialist in media, 3rd rescue group reports that as a result of the incident there were no injuries. Rescuers tried to get the car out of the pond, but there is a very sticky soggy bottom. Now there are negotiations about the crane or other equipment with which it would be possible to get TRANSPORTNOE tool out of the water.

As there was a car, who owns it and under what circumstances was in the reservoir is unknown at this time. The editors asked for comment by the press service of the Krivoy Rog police Department. Inform readers further.

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According to the materials: