In Kyrgyzstan open day hospitals for patients with coronavirus

В Киргизии открывают дневные стационары для больных коронавирусом

In Bishkek, the patients, not included in hospital can now be treated in day hospitals. There are doctors and make a shot, and drip put. Such hospitals were opened in several districts of the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Despite the opening of day care centers, resources to assist a sick person in Bishkek is still not enough.

“Every day in the city of Bishkek additionally open 100-200 new beds. Newly open day care took on much of the work. Residents of the city of Bishkek were able to obtain needed primary health care. However, concerned about the number of deaths that are recorded daily. You need to make every effort to save as many people as possible. Seriously ill should be given more attention, utilizing for their salvation the most experienced doctors”, – commented the Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov.

According to him, the most acute problem is the shortage of medical personnel.

“According to the health Department of the city hall of Bishkek, the capital, there are 1 202 medical doctors. That’s not counting the nurses and other staff. There are now about 300 doctors get sick. Other doctors should be at work. However, the reality suggests that in medical institutions of doctors sorely lacking. I ask all doctors and nurses to join the work. Citizens need your help. Without you we would not be able to defeat the pandemic and save lives. Delays in payment of salaries for health workers involved in the fight against Covid-19, will not. Also, there are allowances,” says the Prime Minister.

Of harrows warned regions about the danger of a repetition of Bishkek scenario. The head of government instructed the heads of cities and regions to prepare for the growing number of patients in advance. And in small communities to provide care to patients with mers should be ready feldsher-midwife stations, they must be provided with sufficient medicines.

A day in the country from Covid-19 died on 7 people, the total number of deaths has reached 99. New cases of coronavirus during the day, has registered 450, and for the time of a pandemic – 8 141. Of them recovered 2 916 patients.

As in neighboring Kazakhstan, official statistics of coronavirus does not reflect the real extent of the problem, because it greatly increased the number of patients with pneumonia who test for coronavirus indicates a negative result.

Of harrows forced to admit that the health system failed to cope with the challenges of a pandemic:

“Given the magnitude of the pandemic, should objectively admit that the domestic health care system faced an unprecedented workload in connection with sharp deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Bishkek and Chui oblast. The situation is very complicated, and we bear for it full responsibility. Every day, our citizens are faced with problems receiving medical care in hospitals. Queues in hospitals and the rapid occupancy of hospital beds is a reality today,” – said the Prime Minister.

To wrestling joined volunteers: people give their available space for placement of hospitals, help with providing doctors with meals, collect money and buy medicines.

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