In Kyrgyzstan, the doctors faint from exhaustion

В Киргизии врачи падают в обмороки от усталости

Bishkek doctors cannot cope with the increased load and faint from exhaustion. And they don’t have time to help all, said the head of the intensive care unit of the Center for emergency medicine of Bishkek Borisov.

“The load remains the same high. A growing number of patients are in serious condition. Do not have time to help everyone. And I can’t help with hospitalization. From all of this hand sink. Teams work hard, literally falling into a swoon from fatigue and heat in suits,” wrote the doctor on Twitter the day before, on July 11.

In Kyrgyzstan, hundreds of people die from pneumonia, while statistics on the coronavirus does not look frightening. Whether the problem is in the tests, whether the virus somehow videosmelissa, but all the symptoms of this terrible pneumonia like Covid-19, and PCR tests are negative.

The Kyrgyz authorities took a decision daily to report the latest data not only for the coronavirus, but also for pneumonia. And see the real picture. Over the past day in the Republic died on 7 patients with confirmed coronavirus and 41 people with pneumonia. Since the beginning of the pandemic died 132 people with the coronavirus and 423 with pneumonia.

Recall that in neighbouring Kazakhstan, there is a similar situation. According to the Minister of health Alexey Tsoi, for one only week of July, the country registered almost as many cases of pneumonia, but for the whole of 2019.