In Latvia Covid-19 were detected in 305 persons, three patients in serious condition

В Латвии Covid-19 выявлен у 305 человек, три пациента в тяжелом состоянии

Over the past day in Latvia Covid-19 discovered in 25 man, thus the total number of cases is 305 people, writes

As reported Saturday morning by the Latvian Centre for prevention and control of diseases (ADVANCES) in General, the tests passed 12 748 man suspected Covid-19, the last day – 1046. Epidemiologists also report that treatment in hospitals is 21 people with Covid-19. In 18 patients the disease is mild, three are in serious condition. The number of cases in the country continuously grows.

The Director of the Department of risk analysis and prevention of infectious diseases ADVANCES Yury perevoshchikov said the Agency LETA that three people with severe course of disease had developed pneumonia.

“I urge you not to hide the fact that you have been abroad or have had contact with those who returned from abroad. Every day we are faced with a situation where a patient withholds this information in conversation with the emergency Manager, and then continues to deny this fact during the challenge teams” – called on Friday on a press-conferences the head of the emergency Service Liene Tipula. Later that same call she has published in social networks.

“Only after people have spent some time in the er, the doctors learn that he was or contact with a sick person, or journey. Such actions threaten not only our work but also the work of all physicians in Latvia. They can lead to a situation where doctors will start to hurt, and the ability to help is limited,” said Tipula.

The same appeal was made by the Chairman of the Board of the hospital Paula Stradina, Rinalds Mucins. According to him, patients often hide the particular facts and expose hospital staff and other patients in danger. “Of course, we to any patient are treated as potentially infected Covid-19. Please tell our staff the history and the conditions under which you were ill – were you or your family member abroad. This will protect us and patients and will allow us to maintain readiness. Assistance at the appropriate level will be provided in any case, even there is suspected Covid-19”, – said the Mucins.

Tipula also noted that people on the streets continue to not follow safety rules and do not provide epidemiologists with the necessary information.

Previously it was reported that from March 13 to April 14 in Latvia in connection with the spread of the virus Covid-19 valid emergency. The country introduced a number of restrictions.