In Lithuania Covid with the patient twice ran away from the hospital

В Литве больной с Covid дважды сбегал из больницы

In the Lithuanian city of Kaunas from a local hospital twice ran sick with coronavirus, reports Delfi.

54-year-old patient Domininkas Armalite returned to the hospital a few hours after the escape. Did the men of new contacts during this period and where he was currently out experts from hospital and health centre, as well as the police.

After the first escape, the man held in the house where was shot the window handle, but the door was locked from the outside. However, he still somehow managed to open the window and escape a second time.

through it.

After the first escape, the police began pre-judicial investigation according to paragraph 1 of article 277 of the Criminal code – violation of the rules of fight against epidemics or infectious diseases. This article provides namazyvanie a fine or imprisonment or arrest, or imprisonment for the term up to one year.