In “LNR” came the hard decree:the beekeeper is acting very cool

В «ЛНР» вышел жесткий указ:Пасечник действует действует предельно круто

Residents of temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk oblast said that the decision of the occupying “authorities” self-proclaimed, not recognized by the world community “Luhansk people’s Republic” in the face of Leonid beekeeper disable on the territory of nedorazumenie electrical power from 5 to 7 July, is the real abuse, and even genocide over the people, inform

This kind of decision “of the Ministry of industry and trade of the “Luhansk people’s Republic” the social network “Twitter” announced the blogger of the 1ST anti-Republican. According to available information, the light will be turned off in the Luhansk and terrorists controlled the cities for a few days. However, no reasons in the said order is not specified. The militants say that they will “establish and resolve issues related to the functioning of critical infrastructure, timely response and prevention of possible emergency situations”.

It should be noted that this is not the first disappointment of the residents of “Lugansk people’s Republic” for the last time.

В «ЛНР» вышел жесткий указ:Пасечник действует действует предельно круто