In London, a woman unexpectedly gave birth in a bathtub (photos)

В Лондоне женщина неожиданно родила в ванной (фото)

Living in London waitress Charlotte Dubard all nine months of her pregnancy led a carefree life of a young woman, not noticing his interesting position. Only after a sudden birth in the bathroom at home the new mother realized that she’d been showing some symptoms of pregnancy that she was unable to properly assess, writes Daily Mail.

In particular, according to a resident of the UK, she wanted more sweet. In addition, she had problems with her legs, started to swell. But the young woman did not stop monthly bleeding, or increased weight. Therefore, the unsuspecting person was a smoker, allowed himself to liquor, was regularly processed.

Charlotte said that the day before the birth she felt pain in the abdominal area, although not particularly strong. The next day the pain again that he felt, subsided. At some point, concerned about because of the “strange feelings” in the lower abdomen, the British retired to the bathroom and inspected myself using a smartphone camera. Then she saw on the way the baby’s head was already visible.

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Lying in the bathtub, Charlotte gave birth. After that, she cut the umbilical cord with scissors, call the doctor and called my guy. The girl herself doesn’t remember how she did it. Arrived doctors ascertained that she is quite skillfully handled the cutting of the umbilical cord.

“You have no idea how I knew what to do. Probably instinct,” said the young mother.

A young man Charlotte could not believe what was to become a father. He was sure that his girlfriend “found the child on the street.” Fortunately, the child was completely healthy.

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В Лондоне женщина неожиданно родила в ванной (фото)

В Лондоне женщина неожиданно родила в ванной (фото)