In London at the suit of the Russian Bank seized property of Dmitry Firtash

В Лондоне по иску российского банка арестовано имущество Дмитрия Фирташа

In London arrested two mansions belonging to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. Security measures at this and other property, estimated at more than £50 million, was imposed at the request of the Russian Bank VTB, which structure Mr. Firtash has not returned loans worth RUB 2.5 bn, the London court also ordered the defendant to disclose all of your assets can be levied. This writes the newspaper Kommersant.

According to sources, the lawsuit in the High court of England and Wales were filed by representatives of VTB on February 26 in support of the decision of the district court of the Cypriot city of Limassol. The last previously adopted interim measures against the assets and property of Dmitry Firtash. The representatives of VTB was recognized to be justified, and in accordance with the arrest imposed on the property of a businessman, was in the UK.

Under the interim measures were in first place two “objects of elite real estate” in Central London. One of them was a five-story mansion with a total area more than 1,5 thousand square meters, situated in prestigious Knightsbridge, close to Hyde Park. As can be seen from open sources, this is a relatively new building, erected on the site of an earlier building stood here. The first floor has a garage and entrance hall, guest bedroom and study combined with a library. The main living quarters are above, and on the third floor – the so-called main master bedroom. The first basement is designed in particular to accommodate the workers and has exits to the garden. Even lower there is the swimming pool. Finish frames, balustrades and doors are made in a single original design in bronze.

Arrested the second the mansion of Mr. Firtash is an even more monumental structure and is actually historic. Its estimated area is about 2.6 thousand square meters. At the time, according to British media reports, he was part of former London underground station “Brompton road”, which opened on 15 December 1906. But it was too close to the adjacent stations “Knightsbridge” and “South Kensington”. To contain its power felt it inappropriate and in July 1934 was closed. Shortly before the Second world war, the building with Elevator shafts and lower Western passages were sold to the military Ministry in the UK. During the war the station was the point of the air defences of Central London and remained so until 50-ies of the last century. Now the complex includes a training hall, garages, offices and a canteen, and underground space, previously used as part of the station “Brompton road”.

Arrested former the object of the defense of Dmitry Firtash. Photo B

In addition to the mansions of the court seized of the action Firtash in the film Via Film Ltd, the cost of which, according to the financial statements is approximately £2 million

In addition to these interim measures totaling more than £50 million, the court ordered Firtash to disclose to VTB information about all its assets, which can also be levied. Failure to do this threatens billionaire charged with contempt and insult of justice, for which he could be sentenced to several years in prison.

Recall that the lawsuit in the court of Limassol to Dmitry Firtash was filed by lawyers VTB in December of last year. Claims associated with private joint-stock company “Ukrainian chemical products” and are registered in Russia and is already bankrupt, LLC “Titanium investment”, in which Firtash is the beneficiary. Meanwhile, these companies own a number of major chemical plants in Crimea, producing titanium dioxide that have various application in many industries – from paper making and refractory glass to the production of concrete and rubber. In April 2015 these companies took out large loans to VTB, but in February of the following year ceased to serve them – the total debt amounted to about 2,5 billion rubles, the Bank appealed to the Russian courts, which ordered the debtor to pay the amount, then the Cyprus court. The plaintiff demanded to arrest the assets of Group DF Holdings Limited, the company which actually is the main structures of Dmitry Firtash, and his own assets of $45.7 million, and that was done.

In a press-service VTB to the edition have confirmed information about the support of the London court claim on Cyprus. “We welcome the decision of the High court of England and Wales arrest of Dmitry Firtash”,- stated in a credit institution, noting that the main goal is the return of loan funds which VTB “will seek all available means within the law”. In the structures of Firtash asked to comment on the decision of the London court did not answer.

В Лондоне по иску российского банка арестовано имущество Дмитрия Фирташа

В Лондоне по иску российского банка арестовано имущество Дмитрия Фирташа