In Love a piece of building fell on the tourist while walking

Во Льове кусок здания обрушился на туристку во время прогулки

Piece construction collapsed near the city Council in Lviv. This is the correspondent NEWSONE Oksana Yasnitsky the scene.

The incident happened on the morning of 8 April. A piece of the structure fell near the woman, who was walking with his family through the city center. She came to Lviv from Kiev. Fortunately, the tourist has not received serious injuries because he managed to run away. However, she fell and stumbled on a rock that fell from the facade of the building.

According to the workers, which rekonstruiruet building, construction was very shaky, so I collapsed.

The details of the incident and the reasons why this area was not fenced, are investigated. Also not yet known who will be held accountable.