In Lugansk, preparing the overthrow of the beekeeper: who will replace him

В Луганске готовится свержение Пасечника: кто его заменит

Former”Deputy Minister” “Ministry of internal Affairs of LNR” Yuri Godwin not by chance that so quickly became the first “industry Minister” “LNR”, and then “the first Deputy Prime Minister” Luhansk militants.

As suggested by the blogger from Lugansk with the name “LC” (Kolyvan-Galaria), Godwin – a very likely candidate for the post of the leader “LNR” in the event of resignation of Leonid beekeeper, which, as suggested by the blogger, is also very likely. The blogger also writes that there is information about the possible imminent return in “power” in the “LC” such odious personalities as Vasily Nikitin and Larisa Hayrapetyan, reports Диалог.UA.

Nikitin is a loser and incompetent, the beneficiaries of the events of 2014 as a chance. In the first “the government of LNR”, he even some time has been “Prime Minister”, then until 2016 was “the first Deputy Prime Minister”, then “disappeared from radar” and a loss that no one noticed, since we are talking, recall, about the loser and incompetent, has become an obedient executor and (when necessary) – cover.

But Larisa Hayrapetyan – the character is much more colorful. In 2014-2016 she was “the Minister of health LNR”. It is with the “blessing” of the former leader of the militants Igor Carpenter was actively engaged in the theft and resale of medicines from the Russian humanitarian aid.

In addition, at the behest Hayrapetyan hospital for sale have exported medical equipment, purchased in the Ukraine. Thanks Hayrapetyan has quickly become, if not dollar, then surely ruble millionaire.

At the same time, the majority of physicians who failed to leave the occupied territory, have mainly worked for food rations. Under her leadership, “Ministry” distinguished statements about the nationalization of the property of the doctors who came to work, and forced labor in the “state” hospitals to private practitioners.

But in 2016, it turned out that Hayrapetyan stolen humanitarian aid not for the “small share” and Carpentry from its profits fall to almost crumbs. To “Minister” as saying, “we have fun with all the dogs”, accusing him of fraud. Hayrapetyan first feigned a serious illness (even there were rumors about her death), then fled to Moscow, as she said to “seek truth”.

“The Prosecutor’s office”, “LC” fully “rehabilitated” Hayrapetyan in 2018. Now she is quietly living in the occupied Lugansk.