In Luhansk, a local resident convicted of corruption of minors

На Луганщине местный житель осужден за растление несовершеннолетней

The Supreme Court agreed with the position of the Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk region and upheld the sentence resident of the Trinity area, which was found guilty of corrupting a minor child. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk.

During the trial he was proven guilty of 65-year-old man in indecent assault against his 4-year-old granddaughter in September 2015. Troitsky district court sentenced him to 5 years 6 months imprisonment.

The convict did not agree with sentencing, the court of first instance and filed an appeal. In 2017, the appeals court acquitted a man in connection with the exhaustion of the ability to obtain sufficient evidence to bring her guilt.

Defending his position, the Prosecutor’s office of Luhansk region has achieved cancellation of illegal decisions of the court of appeal, re-appeal and recognition of the man responsible. In the courtroom, the convicted were taken into custody.

Counsel for the accused again appealed these court decisions.

After lengthy litigation the Supreme Court ruling of January 15, 2020 cassation protector left?? without satisfaction, in fact, delivered?? point.