In Lukyanovka jail in Kiev want to make coworking

В Лукьяновском СИЗО в Киеве хотят устроить коворкинг

The Ministry of justice excludes the construction of a business centre or residential home and supported the establishment of a Museum or a coworking place in Kiev (Lukyanovka) of the detention facility. In an interview with the Ukrainian news said the Deputy Minister of justice penitentiary system Denis Chernyshov.

“In today’s reality there is no high-rise, as utilities will not stand. Second, there is no thoroughfare for cars. Business center there also can not be”, – he said.

Chernyshev said that the place is suitable for the construction of other facilities.

“The Museum space, such objects – they could’ve made it to this place. For this kind of logistics facilities there are good, there is everything for students, for young people who will come by public transport, not cars”, – noted the Deputy Minister.

Earlier, on 2 February 2017 the Ministry of justice launched an investment tender for the construction of a new jail Lukyanovka instead, it was planned to move outside of Kiev until 2019.