In Lviv, a drunk driver blew a stop and 18 metres of parapet: video of the accident

Во Львове пьяный водитель снес остановку и 18 метров парапета: видео ДТП

A serious accident occurred at night in Lviv. There is a passenger car Peugeot Partner, crashed into a tram stop, destroyed 18 metres of parapet and damaged the surrounding infrastructure.

This was reported on the page of the patrol police of Lviv region in Facebook by posting a video of the accident.

The car made a splash on the street and fled the scene of the accident. The patrol handed orientation. After watching the video from surveillance cameras, police were surprised to not only speed accidents, as the tenacity of the driver and passengers with which they pushed the wrecked car.

Some time later, a patrol found on the street a new building of a car, the driver and two passengers. They were all drunk.

The culprit of the accident was the 23-year-old resident of Ternopil. He was from the examination at dragør. It drew up protocols on p. 1. article 130 (driving while intoxicated) of the administrative code; article 122-4 (escape from the scene of an accident) of the administrative code and article 124 (infringement of traffic regulations which have entailed road accident) of the administrative code.

Also on the driver and his companions passed a resolution on Smoking in public places. In addition, each participant of the accident separately issued a document on the appearance in a public place while intoxicated.