In Lviv, a fire broke out, there was a bomb threat

Во Львове вспыхнул пожар, существовала угроза взрыва

In fire building the fire spread to the gas pipeline that could cause an explosion. Lack of water complicates fire fighting.

In Lviv firefighters eliminated the fire in the production building. Due to the ignition of the gas pipeline was a threat of explosion. Reports a press about it-service gschs.

“On August 6 at 16:51 in Service of rescue “101” received a message about a fire in the city of Lviv, Shevchenko St., 311. The fire originated in a two-storey industrial brick building”, – stated in the message.

Thick black toxic smoke was a danger to the lives of the firefighters. Rescuers had to work in the apparatus of respiratory protection.

The difficulty in extinguishing the fire was the lack of on-site water supply. Additional firefighters laid hose lines to the nearest water source.

At the scene was the threat of a gas explosion due to ignition of the gas pipeline. The fire destroyed the roof over an area of 600 sq. m. Thanks to prompt and harmonious actions of firefighters saved 2 adjacent buildings.