In Lviv, a strange woman spat children in someone else’s car

Во Львове странная женщина заплевала детей в чужом авто

In Lviv inadequate woman spat a parked car and tried to insult the children who were inside. About it in the community “VARTA 1” in the social network Facebook wrote a shocked resident of the city.

According to her, the incident occurred on the street Antonych, 30-32, Sykhiv.

“Maybe someone knows this lady aged, walks with a stick! Tell her to spit on small children and the car is at least not culturally, not hygienic and the next time that stick and get you!”, writes the indignant author of the post.

She told me that she was in the car with two children – “quietly, without music, waiting for my husband.” At this time the car was approached by a woman who began to spit on the hood.

“Clearly, I started screaming at her, so she started to limp to the open window to not care even for the kids (2 and 5 years old children). What is this?! As I closed the window, she relaxed went in the direction of ATB! For her, of course, did not go, children left unattended because of this… I do not want!”, – recognized from Lvov, adding that the woman looked well-groomed and neat. Maybe he has mental problems, so relatives of agresource please pay attention to it.