In Lviv, the war veteran took the denture: the details of the scandal

Во Львове у ветерана войны отобрали протез: подробности скандала

In Lviv, a former military man with a disability cannot receive a prosthesis for the limb back.

Nicholas Ocelka, who lost a leg in the war in Afghanistan, received the prosthesis in the beginning of last year. The company who manufactured the artificial limb, in January of this year, took to update, but never returned the prosthesis to the man.

The company said that the Ministry did not list the manufacturer pay for this denture (more than 700 thousand UAH).

The military has moved on crutches. Prior to that, he more than two years I went to different instances, collecting the necessary documents, now he again have to go through this difficult path.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet sent to the regions more than 700 million UAH for wheelchairs and prostheses for people with disabilities.

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