In Lviv tumbled down a 30-meter high stele of the monument of glory

Earlier, the reliefs from the monument was moved to the Museum “Territory of terror”.

On the night of 3 March in Lviv blew the 30-meter high stele of the monument of glory. Concrete construction knocked to the ground and expect to break into pieces.

Writes dismantling has been postponed twice. On the night of March 1 contractors six hours trying to knock down design, but they failed.

The dismantling was carried out at night because of security reasons.

“The monument of military glory of the Soviet Armed Forces” opened in 1970. The ensemble of the memorial, in addition to 30-meter-high stele consisted of concrete compositions with figures of warriors, symbolizing the major kinds of troops of the Soviet army and figure “Motherland”.

The monument of Glory did not come under de-communization, as was the monument dedicated to the resistance and expulsion of Nazi occupiers from Ukraine, and therefore, according to the law, were symbols of the Communist totalitarian regime and were not subject to mandatory removal.