In Lviv was held a rally near the Galician customs

Во Львове прошла акция возле Галицкой таможни

The protesters aired Zelensky words that “corruption sent custom knockout”

This morning, March 6, under the building of the Galician customs in Lviv was visited by several dozen men. The face was mainly hidden under the hoods. They demanded the resignation of the head of the regional customs Vladimir Cabaka.

The protesters brought a speaker, through which periodically were the words of President Vladimir Zelensky, said this week during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada, in particular, that the contraband was sent custom knockout.

“We often came up with some suggestions, conditions – do not assign the old corrupt. Promised – new structure – new people. Whenever it comes to power, we hope that there will be new people who do not have dirty hands in some criminal cases. Unfortunately, this is not” – said one of organizers of the action, the representative Antimonitoring Committee of Lviv Andriy Crushes.

Part of the protesters don’t seem to fully understand what is happening under the walls of customs. For that campaigning. “What you see on television, what we hear all the session that custom caused great damage to the state over the past six months – it’s terrible. It’s worse than it was, ” said the correspondent of “Espreso.TV” one of the protesters.

Vladimir Tabak to protesters didn’t leave. After all, he was on the city Gorodok, Lviv region. In telephone comments to “Espresso.TV” the head of the Galician customs said that he believes the sacrament to such shares of people who were recently fired from the customs house, as well as those who actually were involved in smuggling. Therefore, to listen to their demands is not going to. “About 200 of the old customs, who once worked in the Lviv customs are not employed. As for me, they organized and organized regular meetings and together with the smugglers, together with representatives of criminals, and thus put pressure on me, – said Vladimir Tabak.

The head of the Galician customs says it will only comply with the requirements of the management, and not the protesters, for which, in his opinion, are well-known in Ukraine smugglers. So continue to reform the customs and to restore order on the border, in spite of various provocations.

Во Львове прошла акция возле Галицкой таможни

Во Львове прошла акция возле Галицкой таможни