In Lyon to discuss the immigration crisis

В Лионе обсуждают миграционный кризис

In the French Lyon at an informal two-day summit gathered together the interior Ministers of six EU countries. Guests were welcomed by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who is also temporarily the acting head of the interior Ministry. Prior to a meeting devoted to the migration crisis, Edward Philip called Italian colleague Matteo Salvini can connect to the development of a common European position on this issue.

Edward Philip, Prime Minister of France:

“If you’re a politician, you don’t get to choose colleagues. But you need to talk to them. You might have noticed that I, for one, don’t use the same words, the same vocabulary, Matteo Salvini. But that does not prevent me to speak directly and openly. I hope we will have such an honest conversation. I know one thing: immigration issue cannot be deprived on a national level.”

Another topic on the agenda, the aid of Spain, which became a country through which the EU comes most migrants. According to Spanish media, Madrid calls on the EU to provide funds to Morocco to curb the migration flow. It is noteworthy that the European summit is taking part Abdelouafi Lafta, the Minister of internal Affairs of Morocco.

Cyril Furnari, euronews :

“The most discussed was the arrival in Lyon Matteo Salvini. Its position on migration, which is the head of the Italian interior Ministry is trying to impose on colleagues, is the last factor of irritation. One of the recent loud statements Salvini – the threat to close the airports, in the case of Germany in accordance with the Dublin agreement, will be sent to Italy migrants. In this regard, it is worth noting the absence in Lyon, the interior Minister of Germany, Horst Seehofer, which at negotiations is represented by his Deputy”.

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