In many Xiaomi smartphones found dangerous vulnerability

Во многих смартфонах Xiaomi обнаружили опасную уязвимость

A Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has a serious vulnerability. A pre-application from Xiaomi allows hackers to hack the device.

As reported researchers at security Checkpoint discovered a vulnerability in the application security Guard Provider.

According to experts, is in danger now more than 150,000 devices. However, the application is installed in almost all new smartphones, so, in fact, under the threat there can be millions of devices.

The app. This app is specially fitted to protect your phone. It needs to detect malware.

“It is clear that users will trust installed applications smartphone manufacturers, especially when these applications claim to protect the phone itself. However, the vulnerability discovered in Guard Provider from Xiaomi, raises troubling questions about who is guarding the guard,” – said in Checkpoint.

The Reaction Xiaomi. Checkpoint has reported the vulnerability of the company Xiaomi. The Chinese reacted very quickly – the bug has been fixed. Its users in the company is recommended to update the program.

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