In Mariupol patrol rescued the child and taken to the intensive care unit

В Мариуполе патрульные спасли ребенка и доставили в реанимацию

Police rescued the child in Mariupol. About it reports a press-service of the Channel on the page in Facebook.

The police heard the siren of the ambulance began to regulate the traffic and stopped traffic. However, at the junction of the checkpoint, the Peugeot driver has ignored a team of patrol and collided with the ambulance.

After the collision, the ambulance could not go, and on Board was an eight year old girl in serious condition. Mom was holding her with an oxygen mask. Alexei Olenin saw the official car Volkswagen Crafter, which was the other patrols for the shift at the checkpoint.

The patrol transported the mother and child, doctors and necessary equipment in the police vehicle. Within a few minutes the patrol Aleksey Makukha and Bogdan Aganin quickly the girl was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.