In Mariupol, the family of the immigrant with a disability lived in the garage

В Мариуполе семья переселенца с инвалидностью жила в гараже

In Mariupol, a family of immigrants from Donetsk for more than a month has no housing. About it reports TV channel “Sigma”, reports “Donetsk news”.

For five years they rented an apartment, but was forced to leave. Alexander Pinko mother complain that officials refuse to provide even temporary shelter. And the rent the family is not short of money.

So, Alexander’s mother arrived in Mariupol in 2014. A man recalls how he traveled from Donetsk under fire with two suitcases and documents. Left in a native city almost all.

“There’s a fully furnished apartment. With appliances, furniture,” – says the man.

According to Alexander, five years, they lived in a rented apartment. But in December, was forced to leave because the landlady has sold the house. To remove the other family has not enough money. Now all their belongings are in the garage. And most of the settlers were sheltered in the Greek center.

“They have their own events, and we’re just in the way, oppressed. Many thanks to them that came toward us. Number 16, we have them. Now we have nowhere to go,” says the refuge is Synkletikia of Pinko.

According to Alexander, the work could not find it.

“I get a minimum disability pension, are disabled from childhood. Mother receives a pension. I have not provided here, because I have limitations in the map rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. I just don’t take”, – says the man.

He says that he spoke to the relevant Department, but experts refused to help until the mother and son will not replace the residence in Mariupol. And they do not want.

“We lose the status of displaced persons”, – said Alexander.

According to the Director of Department for work with assets of Mariupol city Council Svetlana Standi, by law, to obtain housing in the city is possible only with local roots. She stressed that if you change the registration status of the immigrant is still valid.

“Let them apply to our management of social protection of the population. Payments will not stop. Person ceases to be temporarily displaced. If you are applying through the Center of providing administrative services, they first need to be on the social housing register. To register temporary residence. All this, in principle, is done quickly,” said Svetlana Stand.

In addition, experts explain, to obtain housing, register Mariupol can only be one member of the family. And advise settlers as soon as possible contact of tspau.