In Melitopol 2 people continue to treat the coronavirus and one suspected (video)

В Мелитополе 2 человека продолжают лечиться от коронавируса и один с подозрением (видео)

In Melitopol one patient of the Month with a diagnosis of “coronavirus” continues to undergo treatment in a hospital infectious disease ward TMO. 21 Jul admitted another patient with probable case of the disease COVID-19, this was reported on the official website of the Executive Committee.

Another, who returned from Poltava, a man with a coronavirus, treated at home. As the first Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova, coronavirus, alas, is not quickly treated. To remove a diagnosis the patient needs to be tested. The city has 34 cases COVID-19 for the entire period of the epidemic.

In addition, from 15 to 21 July for help to family doctors with symptoms of SARS appealed 214 of melitopoltsy, 152 of them children. Hospitalized during this period, 21 residents of the city, including 10 children, fell ill with pneumonia – 8 people (3 kids), ORVI – 13 people (7 children).

In Melitopol the load beds of 2.53% at a rate of not more than 50%. But the testing coverage must be more than 24% per 100 thousand population, and we have more than 100%. For comparison, in the Zaporozhye region – about 40%. That is in Melitopol testing of residents, doctors, those who came from vacation from coronavirus much more active than in the region as a whole. These indicators give us confidence today that those quarantine exemptions, which were introduced in Melitopol continue to operate, but the quarantine measures is necessary further to observe, – urged citizens Irina Rudakova.

We will remind, in Melitopol continue to operate a number of quarantine restrictions – all catering establishments and entertainment can work up to 23.00. But how is this restriction checks by the police. And that law enforcement officers make records and send them to court to recover penalties. City control Commission performs only preventive work and nothing more, the official said.

Law enforcement officers