In Melitopol again raise water rates

В Мелитополе опять повышают тарифы на воду

May 10, the utilities discussed the draft resolution of the national Commission on increase of the tariff for services of water supply and sanitation in Melitopol for the CP utility. The average tariff proposed to increase by 10%.

The fact of holding the meeting the company informed the citizens on its official website. The meeting was held in the presence of the chief of regional Department of the national Commission for regulation of utilities Lyubov Vlasenko, which at the time was the head of the Melitopol water.

The rate I propose to change as follows.

In the multifamily sector, today the cost of 1 cubic meter of water costs 5,15 UAH. It is proposed to increase to 5.68 UAH. or 53 kopecks (10,29%).

Sewage services for the multi-family sector, I suggest to change this: today, the cube is at 6.81 UAH. This tariff is offered to change to 7.55 UAH. That is, up 74 cents or of 10.87%.

Inhabitants of the private sector today, per cubic meter of water pay of 10.66 UAH. They predlagaetsya to increase the tariff to 11.69 UAH. Increase by 1 UAH. or of 9.38%. Those who use the city sewer, and not a cesspool, also will pay more for sewer services. Today, the tariff is 11,52 UAH. for the cube, it wants to increase to 12.49 UAH. Growth 97 cents or of 8.42%.

The growth rate in KP explain the rise in the cost of electricity by 2.61% for water supply and 7.71% is sanitation. Despite the fact that the planned use of electricity through energy-saving programs managed to reduce by more than 400 thousand UAH, in General, for service to the water utility has to pay more energy.

The company also raised the average salary by 5.1 % to UAH 7798 8196.

Among other conditions that influenced the growth rate for the water utility are specified: increase of depreciation increase in tax payments.

From what number will increase the rate is not yet known.