In Melitopol archeologists occupied the courtyards of apartment buildings (video)

В Мелитополе "археологи" оккупировали дворы многоэтажек (видео)

Unfortunately, the residents of Melitopol are limited to only shooting skladchikov and their clients and then report them to the police.

In Melitopol divorced immense number of archaeologists – people who are looking for bookmarks. As you know, the sale of drugs have not carried out hand in hand. Drug dealers drop money on the card, and they indicate the place where the coveted potion. As “safes” drug dealers use the hiding place in the courtyards of apartment buildings, playgrounds and so on. Here and see melitopoltsy almost every day strange people who ransack beds, ramps or balconies on the first floor.

One of the bookmarks placed yesterday on B. Khmelnytsky St., 52. The archaeologist took over the work of the tenants. However, this way of dealing with drug addicts is ineffective. It is necessary to involve the police in order to protect your yard from visitors in the future.