In Melitopol came up with a new concept of green city (video)

В Мелитополе придумали новую концепцию озеленения города (видео)

In Melitopol developed a new concept of green city. It was presented by the head of Department of an accomplishment and ecology of Executive Committee Alexey Gromyko during the defense program for the next year before deputies of the city Council. This program was actively discussed yesterday at a meeting of the Commission on questions housing and communal services.

Overall, the activities of greening of Melitopol in the city program for 2020 laid 165 thousand hryvnias. 2 million 200 thousand the Department of public works hopes to obtain from the regional ekofond. This application has already been transferred to the region. The essence of the new approach to greening the city is that, starting this year in Melitopol along the main streets will be planted Mature trees with a clod of earth, diameter of the trunk at least 3 inches, age 3 to 6 years of age and older. Each year 1-2 of the street will be updated in this way.

– This year one third of the EcoFund spend on requests from schools, hospitals, public institutions of the city and two – thirds for street planting. At least single main street in a year need to update, since the green Fund of the city is in a critical condition. Will be moving from North to South.

Work will begin on the North side of the city next week. The first greening of the Boulevard 30-letiya Pobedy. Here will be planted 104 trees. On one side of the planted acacia 54, the second 44 lime trees and 2 sycamore, near public transport stop “The godfathers” put 4 globular acacia. All the trees will be 5 years old.

– Today, alley planting on the strip – there are growing acacia, but 80% are subject to demolition. But as soon as we last year began to dismantle them, the population came out with the claim. So we decided to go the other way – leave there for 104 new trees. Already spent stubbing professionally do the landing. And one year street do not touch at all, let’s see how will be the trees. A year later, delete the old acacia, explained to deputies Alexey Gromyko has its own way of reducing the “degree” of tension around the topic of cutting down of green plantings in the city. The deputies, such a scenario is approved. And given its approval to the program of landscaping the following year. It will also be discussed at the session of the city Council.