In Melitopol city will open “booths” for the reception of municipal payments without a fee

В Мелитополе по городу откроют «киоски» для приема коммунальных платежей без комиссии

Yesterday, during meeting of regular session of city Council when discussing the closure of the branch of the Bank in the pilots ‘ town Council Deputy Pavel Timofeev on offer to make, at Melitopol, the so-called payment kiosks.

With this proposal, according to Pavel Medvedev, the city government released the management of the Bank. Due to the fact that this state Bank has increased the burden on the cash payments to grantees, in the state institutions now from morning till evening a terrible turn. People are not free to pay for utility services without a fee. Therefore, the Bank management made a proposal to establish payment terminals for receiving payment for municipal services in three parts of the city: on the street of Heroes of Ukraine, in the district and around the airport.

– However, pensioners may have problems with the payment of communal terminals. Realizing this, we are in talks with the Bank about making the next payment kiosks were consultants who would help the people make the payment, – says Pavel Timofeev.

As an experiment, the government proposes to set until only one kiosk. In what part of town will be notified.