In Melitopol closed all markets

В Мелитополе закрываются все рынки

Tomorrow, March 21, in Melitopol will be closed all city markets. Trading not allowed no food, no hygiene products, no animal feeds. Strengthening of quarantine measures due to the fact that the city has already identified one case СОVID-19. Another two patients suspect coronavirus.

They are all in the hospital Melitopol hospital for infectious diseases. In accordance with the algorithm of actions of biometric material was sent to the virological laboratory of the city Zaporozhye to confirm infection. Patients of moderate severity, and no life-threatening – the official website of the Executive Committee.

The only way to prevent the spread the virus is the conscious self-isolation. Limit the circle of communication, be patient and don’t visit, at least try to walk to the shops. Try to switch in a mode online. Do not neglect security measures – do not hesitate to wear protective masks. Remember that our destiny is in our hands. Take care of yourself and be healthy!