In Melitopol doctors urge priests to send their parishioners for vaccination against measles

В Мелитополе врачи призывают священников отправить своих прихожан на прививку от кори

Measles gradually “occupies” the Melitopol. Despite the fact that in our town most of the population inoculated against this dangerous for its complications of the virus, the city registered 20 cases already. In this regard, the pediatric infectious disease Hope DREBOT asks Melitopol pastors and rectors of all churches to persuade their parishioners to make a life-saving vaccine.

According to the Hope DREBOT, doctors say that in most cases the sick were not vaccinated. And among them the children of believers. The doctors asked the priests to show by their example the congregation of the need and benefits of vaccinations.

– It would seem that we need urgently to protect those children who would not get sick, but anti-delusion makes it impossible to do so.

Almost simultaneously left the adults and unvaccinated children “Baptists” (as the doctors say, and they don’t know how the rule that Protestant churches we have in a dozen typed, they are different and they have different approaches to their own safety).

Measles – this is not SARS, which has endured and forgotten. No wonder the measles virus, World Health Organization (WHO) calls the “number one killer”. Treatment for measles no.

Definitely need to change the paradigm. It respected pastors and rectors of churches, especially the pastors: tell it to your people so they immediately took their children for vaccination against measles! There is sufficient quality of vaccines Belgian and American manufacture, which within 14 days will lead to an effective immune response and protect your flock! Don’t be like the Egyptians of the old Testament and be Christians!

There is a recent example of Israeli rabbis, who went to be vaccinated, when there was the event of the death of an unvaccinated child from measles. And set an example for others to follow, addressed the melitopoltsy Hope DREBOT.

By the way, Nadezhda Mikhailovna, as an experienced infektsionist has appointed a national liquidator of a measles outbreak in Lviv, and today it helps to overcome the outbreak of measles in Western Ukraine.

In Melitopol today the diagnosis of “measles” has put 20 patients. In 90% of cases the infection was brought to the city from the Western regions of the country (Lviv, Truskavets Bukovel), the remaining infected were in contact with sick people.

The hospital infectious diseases hospital last week, was hospitalized six patients with measles – three adults and three children. They are all in a state of moderate severity, said the head of the Melitopol laboratory center of the Ministry of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region Roman Sklyarov.

Complications from measles is very dangerous: one in ten pneumonia, otitis with deafness, encephalitis, intestinal damage, long-term immunosuppression. At risk pregnant women, children under one year, patients with immunodeficiency.

In Melitopol of measles vaccine is sufficient for children and adults, doctors say.