In Melitopol falls yard (photo)

В Мелитополе проваливается двор (фото)

The residents of the house on the street Ivan Alexeyev the earth move under my feet: in the courtyard of apartment buildings in several places appeared. Locals suggest that the reason is a rotten collector. For help in solving the problem, they appealed to the deputies, but those only made a helpless gesture. Left with the trouble one on one, people decided to attract attention to your yard with the help of journalists.

The active inhabitants of the house № 3-A on St. Ivan Alexeyev said that the earth in their yard started to fail three years ago. A similar problem was faced and their neighbors. People say, tried to solve the problem and appealed to various authorities, but the result is zero. Interestingly, to help trouble are unable and deputies, including the Chairman of the faction of the opposition bloc in the city Council Galina Danilchenko.

I reached out to Galina Viktorovna, but she turned us down. Its response argued that it is from the “Opposition bloc”, and they all refuse. Meanwhile, the yard continues to be destroyed, – said the activist of the house No. 3-Tatiana.

About the problem in the building, reporters told me “Vodokanal” and PSK “ACQUI-BUD.” Specialists of both companies have been in court and issued their opinions. According to the chief engineer of KP “water” Alexander Marinov network was examined – no problem identified, said the chief engineer. In good condition and are also the network that serves the “ACQUI-BUD.”

– We will conduct again a comprehensive examination. The issue of yard be sure to find out, – said the Director of “ACQUI-Buda” Yuri Bayraktar.

Experts suggest that the cause of falls could be rats: they dig burrows, which leads to collapse of the soil. While in places the dips already made the filling.