In Melitopol from the opposition party, the new leader (photos)

В Мелитополе у оппозиционной партии новый руководитель (фото)

In Melitopol city organization of the “OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE,” was headed by the Deputy of city Council Sergey Castrum. Change of management took place in regional organization opsi, it was Alexander Levadne. Sergey Castrum, recall, joined the team OPSG before the election of the President. According to the results of organized work of his team in Melitopol, the party showed the best on the Zaporozhye area the result.

– After the presidential election of Yuriy Boyko, who we support, I received an offer to lead a team OPSG in Melitopol. In the summer I gave my consent and the co-chairs Yuriy Boyko, Vadim Rabinovich and Sergey Levochkin decided July 1 to change the head. Also, I was instructed to hold a General meeting (conference) of the Melitopol local (city) organization of PP OPSG, in connection with the change of Manager.

– Is in opsi former leader of the party Mikhail Maslov?

– Mikhail Maslov remained a member of the Council. He’s in the party. We have a very trusting relationship.

– Who from deputies of city and district councils included in OPSG?

– Is the negotiation process. We talk with current members, and members of past cadences. While it is not clear when exactly will be the local elections in autumn or spring 2020, so a complete list yet. When he appears, we shall sound in the media.

– Do you intend to accept into its ranks members of the city Council representing the party of the opposition bloc?

We are in talks with the deputies of the city Council from among the opposition that are set up for productive work. We already had one unifying moment. We recently signed an open letter to MPs of Melitopol city Council to President Vladimir Zelensky, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine concerning the untimely sale of agricultural land in Ukraine. In the process of collecting signatures, we managed to consolidate practically all the deputies, including members of the faction of the opposition bloc. This positive example gives hope that the city Council go into a constructive direction. In total we collected about 35 signatures of the members of the city Council under appeal. We oppose the sale of land in the current environment, made a number of proposals for improving the draft Law. Some of them coincide with the draft decision of the President’s team, and a number of not the same.

– How to develop the party structure opsi in the city? It is no secret that the opposition moved a regionals.

– Indeed, there are many people who support electoral preferences of the population of the South-East of Ukraine. With representatives primaries we never lost contact, as they are determined to continue to support peace and stability in the country, resolve any conflicts through negotiations. We are in active search for ideological supporters to build a strong team that will to represent the political party “OPPOSITION PLATFORM FOR LIFE” in the city of Melitopol, including in local elections.

В Мелитополе у оппозиционной партии новый руководитель (фото)

В Мелитополе у оппозиционной партии новый руководитель (фото)