In Melitopol in the women’s clinic will set the cash register

В Мелитополе в женской консультации установят кассовый аппарат

Since July 1, the reform of secondary care medicine should earn in full force. The national health service of Ukraine, I hope the physicians of the city, will fully Fund all the packages and mothers will not have to buy medicines at their own expense. But some services will be paid. To avoid any insinuations on this subject, in Melitopol in the reception of female consultation will establish the cash register.

Melitopol hospital, which temporarily repaired until its own building was moved to the gynecology, concluded with NCSU a contract for 5 packets. They include:

Surgery adults and children in inpatient

– Inpatient care adults and children surgery,

Medical care during childbirth

– Medical care newborn in complex neonatal cases,

Ambulatory, secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care for adults and children, including medical rehabilitation and dental care”, as well as hysteroscopy (for women after 50 years).

Yet according to the chief physician of hospital Anatoly Melitopol Skydance, the national health service sends 60% of the budget financing of hospitals for the 2018 and disburse each case of birth, which take place according to the requirements of NSSU.

– I hope that from 1 July the funding will be supplied for each treated case. Then increase the amount of money that we expect to receive from NCSU, and we can talk about free medical care. At the moment that we get enough to pay and partial medical supply of of delivery. So we have to give new mothers a small Lukashenko as a seller, about 130 UAH.. someone more. They buy more, for example, eye drops for toddlers. We use them once, and they are expensive. If they are going to spend money, not to be missed by more than the necessary medicines, – said Anatoly Kravchuk.

To reduce the costs incurred for today moms, the hospital plan due to the introduction of paid services. They are approved by the Executive Committee.

– Paid services will affect consultative-diagnostic Department and gynecology. As at the request of NCSU will be free to serve only those women who have electronic submission, and it was. Then NCSU pay for such reception and service. And the women who themselves decided to see a gynecologist, will pay for the service. We will also have a paid service hysteroscopy. Women after 50 years are admitted free, as they have the risk of oncopathologies, but women up to 50 years, unfortunately, will pay for this service. I think that from 1 July it is already working. If the service will be provided in the hospital, then women will have to pay it in the Bank. And if in the antenatal clinic, which moved to the train clinic, where the reception will set the cash register – said the chief physician of hospital Anatoly Skiminok.

All proceeds from paid services will go to the hospital. First and foremost is the purchase of medicines.

– We have established now the situation when there are no drugs that we need to work, and from Dazzleby health we do not get, – says Anatoly Kravchuk.

In the list of paid services will also be medical abortion and vacuum regulation of the menstrual cycle (the so-called mini-abortion). An exception will be made only for socially unprotected women.

It is not excluded that in the list of services will appear and individual support delivery of a specific doctor. This means that mothers do not have to negotiate with doctors and pay them in person if they want special attention. All services can be paid through cash.

A list of pay will be published separately on our website.