In Melitopol is promptly rip off the casino

В Мелитополе оперативно срывают рекламу казино

The RAID on the casino in Melitopol continues. Hastily from buildings and streets is removed is gambling. The cleaning is carried out, both owners and the utility.

We will remind, active war with the gambling business in Ukraine, announced by President Vladimir Zelensky after his legislation to legalize gambling failed MPs. After the call of the President to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the country began active steps for the destruction of thriving casinos, including those that worked under the guise of state lotteries. During today’s joint RAID of police, Department of public works and tax in Melitopol all “gambling” turned out to be closed. Many hung ads on the delivery of premises in rent.

The Prosecutor’s office asks all citizens to report on the work of the underground casino. The hotline of the Prosecutor’s office of Zaporozhye region:

(061) 233-34-86 (from 09-00 to 18-00 hrs on working days),

225-10-99 (from 09-00 to 19-00 h. In working days; weekends and holidays during the entire day).p.