In Melitopol kindergartens reported as spent money on “washing”

В Мелитополе детсады отчитались, как потратили деньги на "моющие"

In Melitopol 2017 at the initiative of the deputies of the city Council was introduced the practice of allocating additional funds for office supplies and furniture for kindergartens. This was done in order to stop the vicious practice of requisitions from parents in preschool. Since then, every year from the local budget it is allocated 2 million UAH. at additional costs. What this amount was spent in 2018, reported in Department of education.

In addition to cleaning and office supplies, kindergartens also used an additional service for the purchase of sand, trees and the payment of other additional services that previously fell on the shoulders of the parents. The head of Department of education Irina Shcherbak elaborated on the list of acquisitions for kindergartens:

– Cleaning products that were purchased in the amount of 289,5 thousand UAH.;

– Stationery (office paper, files, forms, magazines, information collections) is 107.2 tis. UAH.;

– Household goods (napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, scrapers, buckets) 80,5 thousand UAH.;

– Cookware – 160,1 thousand UAH.;

– Centralized purchase of sand for sand pits, cement – 64,8 thousand UAH.;

– Lime, brushes, brooms – 21.7 thousand UAH.;

– Paint, varnish, solvent, brushes – 273,0 thousand UAH.;

– the acquisition of fire safety – 78,1 thousand UAH.;

– Electric lamps, electric meters – 64,6 thousand UAH.;

– Water heaters, electric meat grinder – 18.3 thousand UAH.;

Construction materials, tile, linoleum, faucets, electrical appliances – 187,0 thousand UAH;

– Furniture – 77,0 thousand UAH.;

– Scales – 30.1 thousand UAH.;

Holy 48.0 thousand UAH.;

– Teleradioerre – 42,4 thousand UAH.;

– Other equipment – 91,4 thousand UAH.

– Subscription of periodicals, acquisition of the methodical literature – 64.2 thousand UAH.;

– Refill cartridges, inks for printers 31.8 thousand UAH.;

– Deratization and desinsection of premises – 30.4 thousand UAH.;

– Security services -28,7 thousand UAH.;

– Calibration and repair of metering devices 9, 1 thousand UAH.;

– Service maintenance of electrical equipment -12,4 thousand UAH.;

– Recharging of fire extinguishers – 31,5 thousand UAH.

– Emergency repair of water disposal networks, heating systems, roof – 160 thousand UAH.

In the allocated 2 million UAH. does not include the cost of purchasing toys, pillows, bedding. Replacement of old Windows in kindergartens and building insulation city authorities is at the expense of the local budget and grants.

In 2019 from the local budget to pre-school institutions were also further fall to 2 million UAH. According to Irina Shcherbak, the money is enough.

– I believe that we can live on the 2 million UAH. and parents no need to pay extra. In preschool education institutions and special accounts with no. To me personally none of the parents with complaints about the collection of funds in the pre-schools are not addressed. I think that these 2 million UAH. which are allocated for needs of kindergartens, relatively adjusted the conflicts arising before, – says the head of gorwa.

If your kindergartens you continue to demand money, report the facts by email to RIA Melitopol ( All complaints will be passed to MPs and to the Department of education.